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Crystal Cisco  Kristie helped us find the most perfect ring. She ensured it was authentic and wonderful quality. Once it was made, she ensured it was shipped quickly to a local jeweler to receive and verify. When my boyfriend proposed I was completely caught off guard and forgot how stunning the ring was. I am looking forward to wearing this beautiful ring for the rest of my life!Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Gabrielle Roberts  👍 recommends  I received a beautiful bracelet that has a heart charm filled with lake Erie sand for Christmas. Being raised around this lake, and calling Cleveland my home, this bracelet has a lot of meaning for me. Great quality, and the owner is highly knowledgeable and passionate about her work!

Lacey Nice  For unknown reasons I had a very swollen finger and my ring was cutting off my circulation. After many attempts of different internet ideas for ways to get the ring off myself, I called Catawba Island Jewelers. Kristie told me to come right in and she could help. I went in right away and she used a ring cutter to get it off. She was very gentle and there was very little discomfort. She was so nice and helpful during a time of stress of not knowing what else to do. Great job Kristie!

Tom Dressel


Thank you Kristie for the great service on the recent purchase of a beautiful 50th Wedding Anniversary gift for my Bride. You made the gift very special with your awesome service and customer attitude. We love to shop local and your store and employees sure make it easy to purchase beautiful jewelry. Keep up the great work!!! Thank YOU!!

Dorothy Woessner  Thank You, You made my 48 year old engagement and wedding rings look like new!


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